You don't know me

You don't know me. Not from my songs anyway. Sure i work very hard on them and am proud of most, but what do they say? Most of them use voice samples that i've cobbled together. If I do my job right and get a bit lucky along the way they sound good with the music. If the planets align and i can pair them with the musical feel and arrange them in a way that conveys a message then i've been very lucky! "Last Man On Earth" told you I hate misogyny, "Stronger" hinted very vaguely at things i've overcome and "Worship Thy Captor" twisted sickly sweet love song lyrics into a darker meaning. But what did they really tell you about me? Did you come away feeling you knew me? Most likely not. They were no more introspective than a selfie, no deeper than a hashtag.

So herein lies the inspiration for the new EP. It's important to me that the new songs say something i really want to say. They must come from within and only then will they truly mean something. I have no doubt this will be uncomfortable every step of the way, but ultimately it should be very fulfilling and maybe even a little cathartic. And hey, bit by bit you may get to know me a little more.

selfie large.jpg