Tropical Disco With 1D and Siri

I was lucky enough to be in tropical Bali. I was staying there with my wife and my good friend was also in town and hanging out with us by the pool. Over a beer or two, my friend and I had been working on some music. It start off as a tongue-in-cheek One Direction song. It was a good laugh and we weren’t really taking it very seriously at all.. in fact as the days went on, the song ended up getting more and more silly to the point where it turned into an over the top camp disco instrumental!

During that week I had also heard about a charity album that Celldweller’s record label was putting together, and was taking submissions to be on it. Now I am the biggest fan a Celldweller, and thought of having a song on the same album as him was too much to pass up! I just had to be part of it – now all I needed was a song.. And with the deadline approaching fast I thought “could this silly bunch of sounds we had been laughing over be turned into something?” I just had to find out! And seeing as it was the only semi-complete song I had done to this point, it was going to be the best candidate.

So we put down the beer and started getting a bit more serious about the little tune – adding some cool fills, tweaking the drum break in the middle, adding more harmony notes until the little tune turned into a neat little song. The only thing missing was a vocal line, but with neither of us being singers what were we to do?

After a little while it dawned on me.. my iphone had an app that you could type words into and Siri would talk them back to you. And with the little hands-free microphone, we could record it from one phone to the other and drop it in the track. Quick and dirty? Definitely! But with few other options, we knew we had to make it work. And work it it! Siri turned out to be quite the little songstress. After cutting and stretching her to rhyme on the beat, she sounded right at home!

We made the final touches to the track on the way home on the plane, and a few hours after landing I was home and had submitted it to the record label. Now the song never ended up on the album, and truth be told it was a little rough around the edges to say the least! But I sat back and beamed with pride – I had successfully completed my first complete song! It showed me I could do it, and gave me that little nudge I needed to kick-start creativity.

The track is on my first album “Light Beam Connect” but I have recently gone back and polished it right up to give it some Cloud Hex shine! Check it out below. I like to think would make Siri proud (and MAYBE even 1D??) 😉