December 2015

  • The Grammy nominees have been announced and sadly "Chasing Shadows" didn't get a look in. But seeing some real quality bands get the nod ahead of us (Slipknot, Lamb Of God, Sevendust) made it much easier to take! Never mind though, as the song will appear in the "Fight Valley" trailer and tear the world a new one :)

  • The new single is almost done! Leaving it alone while holidaying was actually the best thing for it - I'm home now and attacking it with fresh ears and renewed inspiration. I really want to take the time to make it the best it can be (patience is not normally my thang, but i'm learning!!)


November 2015

  • Things are a little quiet on the news front.. Fight Valley has been picked up for a huge distribution deal which means it will hit a fair few cinemas, but that means the film will air in March 2016 - such a long time to wait!! But the trailer should still come out soonish upon which you can all be deafened by "Chasing Shadows" playing in it! 

  • There are still a few other movies considering our music but that is all hush-hush too (i wish i knew the titles)!!

  • We added the track "Miss Malicious" to the BUY page as a single that can be purchased. Hope you like it

  • The new single is taking shape nicely and is in the finishing stages. Will it be finished before I jet off to Thailand?? We'll have to see!


October 2015

  • Right now we are talking with a few movies, but can confirm that "Chasing Shadows" will appear in the upcoming movie "Fight Valley". It will also feature in the trailer which comes out mid November.

  • We are pleased to have recently uploaded 3 albums of previously unreleased material which you can check out on our BUY page

  • Our track "Chasing Shadows" is currently in contention for the Grammy awards "Best Rock Song" and "Best Metal Performance". We should know by December 7 if we make the nominations list, so keep your paws crossed!

  • "Chasing Shadows" has also made it onto the awesome compilation album "Can U Hear Me Now". Check it out on itunes and support indi artists!