cloud hex


Cloud Hex music forges contrasting elements to form noise that is brutal, divine and emphatic.  


Guitar, Vocals, Noise / Luke Outram



August 2018

Black Wake made its world première in NYC! The film has been getting a wonderful reception along with some solid and well-deserved reviews from film critics. It's a must watch for sci-fi fans - you've never seen anything like it i promise! Make sure you stick around for the end credits where all the outtakes are shown (god i love outtakes!) while my track "Chasing Shadows" plays alongside. It is such a trip to be a part of such a ground breaking film!


May 2018

Howdy all! While all has been quiet on this page, I've actually been writing some new material behind the scenes. It is coming together slowly but surely and is going to sound a bit different to previous releases. Firstly, it's darker than most of the old stuff (even I Will Tear You Apart which is bleak AF!), and secondly as I will be singing on them! So right now I'm also writing lyrics while arranging the pieces.. I've even pulled inspiration from an old track I did back in the late 90s that I always liked but never fully developed. Once done, I will release them in a new EP.

When i started the project, I gave it the working title "EP Of Dreams" as i thought the chances of me ever completing it with the current priorities were pretty damn slim. But it's taking shape now, so should transition from dream to reality. I'll try and post some audio snippets here and there to give you an idea of how it's taking shape - Thanks for sticking around!


January 2018

I am honoured to have my track "Chasing Shadows" included in the new sci-fi thriller "Black Wake"! It features Eric Roberts, Tom Sizemore and Nana Gouvea and is inspired by HP Lovecraft mythology. I even helped them a tiny bit on the poster!
The coolest thing is it premieres at the Philip K Dick Festival late February (for you non-geeks, he authored the books that were made into Total Recall, Blade Runner etc). Very cool!!


the sound of the underground

The current single "The Sound Of The Underground" has a more aggressive and heavier feel that most other Cloud Hex songs. It celebrates non-conformity on different levels - defying the expectations that others put on you in general, and more specifically, musically and religiously. It retains the duality of a Cloud Hex track, with aggressive dark verse and bridge sections leading into a more triumphant chorus with almost angelic female vocals. The defiance is maintained throughout, with the ending giving a nod to Fiedel's Terminator theme. 

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Underground Cover.jpg

The Sound Of The Underground

by Cloud Hex
Chasing Shadows sm.jpg

Chasing Shadows

by Cloud Hex